Join the United States Service Academies Family of Norwich Graduates

Norwich, one of the original of the six senior military colleges in the United States, has been providing members of the military with a career ready education for more than 200 years. Our expert faculty, many of whom are service members or veterans, deliver additional breadth to course content and an understanding of your military experiences and commitments.

As a graduate of a United States Service Academy, you will receive an exclusive pathway to a Master’s Degree. By combining your coursework and cadet training, graduates have the potential to receive as many as 12 credits to transfer into one of our many Master’s programs.

When combining our military pricing with your transfer credits, you will receive up to 47% savings on your Master’s degree, and you’ll have the ability to complete your degree within one year.

Service Academy graduates from the Class of 2018 to the present are eligible for this unique program.

Service Academy graduates can save up to 47% based on their elite curriculum

Program Costs:

  • $550 per credit hour.
  • For students that do not have access to Tuition Assistance funding, Norwich will offer students up to $1,500 in scholarship funds to help supplement the tuition costs of a graduate program.
  • Library and Technology fees of $375 per term, and Norwich ACCESS Fee of $22 per credit hour.

Tuition Assistance

  • Service Academy graduates eligible for tuition assistance can have their out-of-pocket cost per credit hour reduced to $300 per credit for a maximum additional reduction of $4,500* annually.  
    Commissioned officers can incur an active duty/reserve duty service extension of 2-4 years contingent on the completion date of the last course for which TA funding was used.

Accelerated Application Process

Service Academy Graduates are already accepted into Norwich's graduate programs.

Just fill out our application and provide a college transcript. 

  • No GRE
  • No resume
  • No letter of intention

US Service Academies

Next Master's Session Start Dates: 

FALL: August 26, 2024

WINTER: November 18, 2024

SPRING: February 17, 2025

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