Scholarships & Aid

Your Education Investment: Exploring Your Options

A Norwich education is an investment in your future. For most of our students, making that investment requires some financial planning. We’ve outlined a number of ways to pay for your Norwich education to help you better understand and take advantage of the options and opportunities available to you.


Norwich University is proud to offer scholarships for its students. The majority of scholarships are created by generous donors who believe in supporting Norwich students as they pursue their educational goals.

Each year, students have the opportunity to apply for scholarships for which they qualify. Scholarship amounts vary and are at the discretion of Norwich. It is important to note that application requirements vary by scholarship, so students are encouraged to read all criteria and requirements carefully before submitting any applications.

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  • Norwich Alumni scholarships - This includes a parent/spouse/child of a Norwich alumnus.
  • Norwich Employee scholarship - Employees with employment greater than one year are eligible for a full tuition waiver into an online master's program.
  • Leadership Summit scholarship - Applicable to student's awarded the Leadership Summit Award.
  • CISSP Certified Scholarship - A $1,500 award to prospective student applicants with a proven CISSP certification. The scholarship can only be used to secure a tuition discount if there is a direct tie between the program curriculum (6 credits worth) and the CISSP content.
  • Private scholarships - There are thousands of scholarships offered by a variety of private, public and nonprofit organizations.

Military and Veterans Scholarships 

Scholarships offered by Norwich and national organizations. Military and Veteran scholarships include:

  • Brian Bill '01 Memorial Scholarship - Available to select members of the US Special Operations Forces who are enrolled in an online bachelor’s degree program.
  • De Oppresso Liber Scholarship - Available to NCO and Warrant Officer U.S. Army Special Operations Soldiers in the career management field (18 or 180A). Students enrolled in an online bachelor's or master's degree are eligible. This scholarship is awarded based on need and available funding for the year.
  • Sergeants Three Scholarship - Available to Special Operations Forces personnel who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis program.
  • CSM Keith J. Filipp '12 Memorial Scholarship - Available to a junior or senior students that demonstrates financial need, academic success, and is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis program.
  • Special Operations Forces Fund CGCS - Available to Enlisted and Warrant Officers to assist with Norwich University's online academic expenses not covered by the Department of Defense Tuition Assistance Program. 
  • SSG Hilbert E. Anderson & CPT Robert H. Anderson Memorial Scholarship - Available to one or more presently serving or honorably discharged veterans enrolled at Norwich University, with priority given to recipients of the Purple Heart Medal. Additional consideration for combat veterans. 

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By completing the Uniform Scholarship Application, you will be considered for all Norwich University scholarships.

Scholarships are not additive or cannot be combined with any other NU-based tuition reduction program or offering. If two or more NU-based reductions are awarded to a student, only the highest award amount will be applied to the student’s tuition payments. Please contact your admissions advisor with questions.

Federal Loans & Grants

The Federal Direct Loan Program offers unsubsidized loans to graduate students and subsidized and unsubsidized loans to bachelor's degree students. Unsubsidized loans accrue interest immediately after they are disbursed. Subsidized loans accrue interest upon completion of the student's last class. However, repayment typically begins six months after the student's last class. You can apply for federal loans by completing the FAFSA. For more information, visit the Federal Student Loan website.

Federal Pell Grant funds are available to bachelor's degree students who have financial need.

To get started on your Federal Student Aid application, you will need to complete the FAFSA.

Military Benefits

Please visit our Military Tuition Assistance or Veterans Benefits pages for information on military education benefits.

Employer Tuition Assistance

Nearly half of all companies have a tuition assistance program in place. Check with your benefits administrator to see what your company provides. If your employer does not offer tuition assistance or reimbursement, talk with your human resources department about how a degree or certificate from Norwich University would benefit both you and your company. Here are some tips »


Norwich actively pursues grant opportunities from local, regional, and national institutions to help make a graduate education attainable for more students.

Personal Loans

Personal loans from banks or credit unions may be available to help finance your education. Check with your bank or other lending institution for terms and availability.

Tax Benefits

There are three ways to take advantage of tax benefits for graduate school:

  1. Claim the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit.
  2. Deduct tuition expenses from your taxes.
  3. Deduct interest on your student loans from taxes.

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Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP)

The purpose of the Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) is to increase the number of qualified nursing faculty by providing loans to students enrolled in the Educator Track of the Master of Science program or in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program. After graduation, 85% of the total NFLP loan is forgiven over a consecutive four-year period while loan recipients serve as full-time nurse faculty at a school of nursing. Norwich University is a participant in this program.