Current Students

Norwich University Students

Being a Norwich student is challenging, exciting, and incredibly rewarding. It can also feel a little overwhelming, particularly if you have been out of school for a while.

As over 8,000 alumni will tell you, you can succeed and we are dedicated to making that happen. This section of our website is designed to make it more manageable for you. Find student resources, plan for upcoming events, and connect with other members of the Norwich community. 

  • Getting Help
    You’re never alone as a Norwich student. Whether you need to get registered for courses, seek financial aid guidance, or want to talk to someone about your career goals, we can help direct you to the right people and resources.
  • Academic Calendar
    Refer to our academic calendar to see your course schedule, including start and end dates of sessions, and breaks. Schedule a family vacation or fun with friends at optimal times for your academic schedule. Plan for your next term or even next year.
  • Norwich Community
    Community. Family. Network. Whatever you choose to call it, you’re a part of it at Norwich. Your career is not waiting for your degree to be conferred and neither are you. Start building valuable connections with fellow students, faculty, and alumni today.
  • Residency Week
    All your hard work culminates one unforgettable week - residency - during which you’ll complete your program requirements (if you are a master's student), network with fellow classmates and professors, and launch the next chapter of your life. We can help you plan for and get the most out of this pivotal experience.