Student Support

Support from Day One

From the moment you enroll at Norwich through your commencement day, you will be supported by a dedicated team of student services staff.

First and foremost, among them is your student support advisor, who is your go-to person for everything from registering for courses and getting books to handling any program-related issues that may arise during your time with Norwich. Find your SSA here

Other key people in your Norwich camp include your program director and associate program director, who ensure that your curriculum and virtual classroom experience are consistently excellent. For research help or questions regarding Norwich’s online academic resources, our library staff offers email, phone, and chat assistance. Expert alum writers provide tips on your assignments through the online Writing Center. Lastly, our technical support team is available 24/7 to resolve any technical issues related to your online class.

For more information about our student support staff and other student resources, please visit the Current Students section of our site.

Relevant Courses, Immediate Application

Our programs emphasize relevant and applicable curricula that students can immediately relate to their workplaces. Students often use their professional settings as the basis for projects and papers, applying concepts learned in class to analyze and improve the processes in place at their organizations. Case studies are woven into coursework to help students understand how academic theories play out in diverse real-world situations.

A Convenient and Flexible Learning Experience

Norwich is committed to providing an exceptional education that is relevant and attainable for busy working adults.

Our dynamic online learning platform is critical to this commitment, enabling anytime-anywhere learning. Students can participate in courses without having to show up at a particular time or place, completing their weekly assignments and contributing to class discussions when it’s most convenient.