Student Stories

We often use words like “motivated,” “adept,” “innovative,” and “passionate” to describe Norwich alumni, but adjectives only go so far. To better convey the caliber of our alums and the significance of what they’re doing in their professional and civic lives, we’ve compiled some of their stories. 

Are you a Norwich Online graduate and want to share your experience with us? We'd love to hear your story!

Here our students share what they feel encapsulates their Norwich Online experience.

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Kelley Lawrence

'16 Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Erik LeMay

'22 Master of Business Administration

Ryan Leonard

'21 Bachelor of Science in National Security Studies

Rebecca Lloyd

'15 Master of Arts in Diplomacy

Kimberly Mallonn

'15 Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

Matthew Mansfield

'22 Master of Business Administration

Kyle Mathers

'22, Master of Arts Military History

Tammy Megow-Jones

'15 Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

Matthew Miller

'22 Master of Science in Cybersecurity

Jessica Moisan

'19 Master of Science in Leadership