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Charles Lerche

  • Associate Program Director of Academics


Charles Lerche is the associate program director (academics) for the Master of Arts in Diplomacy and Master of Arts in International Relations programs.

Courses Taught

GD510 Theory and the International System
GD540 Conflict Avoidance, Prevention, and Containment
IR520 American Foreign Policy


Co-author with Howon-Jeong, “The Implementation of Peace Accords: From Piecemeal to Peacebuilding”, in N. Young (ed.), The International Encyclopedia of Peace. New York: Oxford University Press, 2009.

He holds a BA in history, an MA in international studies and a PhD in political science. He has taught at several universities around the world, including three in Nigeria; the Free University of Brussels; the University of Maastricht (the Netherlands); and Boston University in the Overseas Program.

In addition to Norwich University, he currently teaches adjunct courses for the Troy University (Alabama) eCampus. His research interests include Third World politics and international relations with an emphasis on Africa, and peace and conflict studies. Charles has co-authored Concepts of International Politics in Global Perspective and The Implementation of Peace Accords: From Piecemeal to Peacebuiliding and edited two volumes of essays on world order studies. He has published articles in a variety of scholarly journals including inter alia, The Journal of African and Asian Studies, The Journal of African Studies, The International Journal of Peace Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies and International Politics. He is also a contributor to the The International Encyclopedia of Peace.