Greyson Hedges

Greyson Hedges

The Norwich instructors were genuinely understanding and invested in my success.

Growing up in a military family, Greyson Hedges always had a strong sense of duty to serve, with a military heritage that dates back to the American Revolution. His father served in the US military for 27 years, and Hedges plans to follow a similar commitment to the US Army. Hedges’ Army career started in 2016 as an infantry recruit at Fort Benning, GA. Five years later, he now serves as an All-Source Analyst assigned to 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) at Fort Carson, Colorado.

With a strong interest in furthering his career, the 2021 Master of Arts in Strategic Studies graduate chose an online program that would allow him to advance his Army skillset.

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“I am very thankful I started [the strategic studies program] in December 2019. Being in lock-down during 2020 would have been very different without this program,” Hedges said in a recent interview. “At that point, the motivation changed; the entire world stopped, so I was going to improve [myself] somehow.”


Gaining Skills Pertinent to Military Success

Designed for current and former military personnel, Norwich’s online Master of Arts in Strategic Studies program challenged Hedges’ mindset of tactical thinking by providing him with the opportunity to analyze the long term goals within the US military to understand his role better and allowing him the opportunity for future career growth.

“One principal thing that that stood out about the program instruction itself is that it is not tank movements, it is about studying the connective tissue between political and military goals,” Hedges noted. “As an analyst, my writing and critical thinking improved dramatically. The most important improvement was the mindset, ‘how am I going to further knowledge in this area?’ It is something I have carried over into my analytical writing. You are better with a range of ideas than just being a subject matter expert in only one area.”

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Completing Courses while Continuing to Serve

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With a demanding career path and in-person instruction closures, Hedges needed a reputable online program that allowed him to take courses while serving in the US military. Backed by over 20 years of online education and more than 200 years of military instruction, faculty and staff in Norwich’s online strategic studies program understand the flexibility US military service members need in order to have a fulfilling academic experience.

“What stood out from [Norwich’s] program are the wonderful people involved and an accommodating online format,” Hedges reflected. “The Norwich instructors were genuinely understanding and invested in my success. My student support counselor was incredibly helpful, and her empathy and advice went a long way toward helping me. I could not have done as well without their guidance and support.”


A Lifetime of Service

Dedicated to the US military, Hedges looks forward to seeing other ways he can contribute to the Army.

“No one pays to see the man juggle one ball. There are a lot of skill sets that need to be explored in my profession, especially in an organization as large as this one. Whether it is a specialty assignment or some other avenue of leadership, I know that there is more I can do. Strangely, I ‘go with the flow’ for a lot of my Army plans. I know there are many schools I want to go to one day, such as the Ranger Course if the opportunity ever arises,” Hedges said. “I am considering what I would like to prepare myself for when that retirement comes, but 15-plus years is a long time to consider my options and prepare!”

Hedges has a permanent change of station in February 2021 to Fort Riley, Kansas. With a Master of Arts in Strategic Studies degree in hand, Hedges can continue his personal and professional growth in all branches of the U.S. military for many years to come.