Emily Oliver

Emily Oliver headshot

I will use this degree to advance my career in the future and take on further leadership roles.

Q: “Tell us about yourself.”
A: “I was born and raised in Ohio with my two amazing parents. My grandmother is from Roxbury, VT. She met my grandfather at Norwich. After he served in the Army, they moved back to Ohio. I graduated from Norwich with a B.S. in Mechanical engineering, then began my studies at the University of Vermont in their college of medicine. I am currently a 4th-year medical student at UVM in the Health Professions Scholarship Program through the Navy. I have interests in engineering, medicine, business, women's healthcare, athletics, CrossFit, and traveling. I spend my free time in adult co-ed volleyball leagues, in the CrossFit gym, and spending time with friends hiking, walking, or going to one of the local breweries.”

Q:” What was your motivation for pursuing your degree?”
A: “I am interested in business and understanding how to improve systems to make them more efficient and effective. Healthcare in America is a very messy business. I wanted to have a basic understanding of business so that I could communicate with my colleagues and improve patient care and health outcomes.”

Q: “What are your future professional plans?”
A: “I will be a doctor in the Navy, but beyond that, the possibilities are endless. I will use this degree to advance my career in the future and take on further leadership roles.”

Q: “Why did you choose Norwich?”
A: “I went to Norwich for undergraduate school and had an amazing experience. I was given a full scholarship to pursue a graduate degree.”

Q: “Prior to beginning your courses, what were some of your expectations for an online degree program?”
A: “I needed this work to be an appropriate load for part-time work. I believe it met my expectations. There were moments I was challenged to complete all of the assignments, but that was expected taking on two degrees. For the most part, I felt as though I was able to manage both.”

Q: “What is one piece of advice you would give to future students enrolling in one of Norwich's online programs?”
A: “Stay on top of the work. While the professors are willing to give you extensions, the workload will continue to pile up. Don't bury yourself.”

Q: “Please tell us about a time in which you could put your knowledge gained in the classroom to work immediately at your job.”
A: “I was able to communicate more effectively with some of my financial advisors in medical school.”