Christopher Jackson

Christopher Jackson headshot

I use the research, analysis, and writing skills honed through my classwork at Norwich daily.

Q: “Tell us about yourself.”
A: “I am married with four children. My hobbies are reading, traveling, and playing non-video games. I served active duty Air Force for 20 years as a Space and Missile Operations officer. I have continued supporting the Department of Defense since then as a Booz Allen Hamilton contractor at U.S. Strategic Command.”

Q: “What was your motivation for pursuing your degree?”
A: “I wanted to improve my research and writing skills to teach in the future.”

Q: “What are your future professional plans?”
A: “I will continue working at my current job for a few more years until retirement, but I would like to begin teaching at a community college later next year.”

Q: “Why did you choose Norwich?”
A: “Norwich's history program had classes I was interested in, and the degree requirements were what I was looking for. I am very thankful I found Norwich University and completed my degree through this school!”

Q: “Did you have any uncertainties with choosing an online program?”
A: “I had no concerns about the online aspect, as I have worked online at times and had taken online classes previously. I prefer an online degree because I work full time, and the flexibility of the online degree enabled me to complete it.”

Q: “What were some of your expectations for an online degree program?”
A: “Much of the quality of online classes comes from your weekly interaction with the professor and other students. All my classes exceeded my expectations because of the great conversations we had in the classes.”

Q: “What is one piece of advice you would give to future students enrolling into one of Norwich's online programs?”
A: “Be organized and plan for consistent work every week so that you complete each class and get the most out of every class!”

Q: “What has been your biggest personal or professional success since starting your degree?”
A: “The previous office I worked in required a lot of writing, and my current office requires some writing but more research and analysis. The coursework and interactions with the professors and other students have improved my abilities in all these areas. I use the research, analysis, and writing skills honed through my classwork at Norwich daily.”