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Investment Management Professional

This two course certificate explores how expertise in finance helps a company reach its goals and become successful. Topics include Market Value Added (MVA)” and “Economic Value Added (EVA)” calculation, and cash flows and financial ratios to evaluate the perfomance of a company. Students practice skills at work and report experiences through their Leadership Development Portfolio (LDP), as well as learn from peers in classroom discussions.

The certificate program is comprised of two 11-week courses, totaling 12 graduate-level credits, and are completed entirely online. Upon successful completion of a certificate program, students wishing to enter into our Master of Business Administration program will be able to use the certificate courses toward the completion of their master’s degree.


Managerial Finance | GB522 | 6 credit hours
This seminar introduces the problems of finance function and the responsibilities of the chief financial executive Efficient allocation and uses of funds is emphasized. Topics include Financial Analysis, Cash Flow and Financial Planning, Capital Budgeting, Valuation Models, Risk and Return Analysis, Leverage and Capital Structure, Working Capital Management, and International Business Finance.

Investments and Portfolio Management | GB555 | 6 credit hours
Students learn the characteristics and analysis of individual securities as well as the theory and practice of optimally combining securities into portfolios. This seminar is organized around two basic themes: the security market, a highly efficient market, and an investor who diversifies and takes a long-term approach to investing, generally rewarded with higher returns and less risk.

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June 2, 2024

August 26, 2024

November 18, 2024


Tuition at a Glance
Credit Hours: 12
Cost Per Credit Hour: $799
Additional fees & discounts may apply.