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Tackle Math Courses this Summer

Various math courses are run throughout the Norwich University Summer Sessions, Preparatory Mathematics (Math 005), Intermediate Algebra (Math 095), Math a Liberal Art II (Math 102), Precalculus Mathematics (Math 107), and Elementary Statistics (Math 232) are also available to aid students who need pre-requisite courses for other courses on their curriculum map.

Preparatory Mathematics, Intermediate Algebra, and Precalculus Mathematics are seven-week courses held during Summer Session III from June 17-August 2, 2019.

For more information about the costs of the math courses, visit the tuition and fees pages below.

Registration opens March 1

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Frequently Asked Questions about Online and Hybrid Mathematics Courses

What math courses are run online during the summer?

•    MA005 – Preparatory Mathematics
•    MA095 – Intermediate Algebra
•    MA107 – Precalculus Mathematics

What courses are run as hybrid courses during the summer?

•    MA102 – Mathematics as a Liberal Art
•    MA232 – Statistics

What is the difference between a hybrid course and an online course?

An “online course” is run entirely online.  Students do their reading and assignments and quizzes and tests online via a particular platform (more on that in a minute), and interact with their professor via chat and email.  In a
“hybrid course,” much of the interaction is online, but students meet face-to-face with their professor once a week.

When do courses run?

MA102 and MA232 run during our Summer Session III for 10 weeks, which generally starts the Tuesday after Memorial Day and ends the first week of August. 

How do I get started?

Instructors get course materials posted online ahead of time, and will email students about a week before the class begins with specific instructions on how to access the materials. The basic point of access for all courses is our online platform NUoodle ( Once you are officially enrolled in an online course, you will be given logon credentials with which you can access NUoodle. When you are able to log on to NUoodle, you will see a link to your course. MA005, MA095, and MA107 use an additional online platform for extra cost (see below).

Are there any additional costs?

YES.  For MA102 and MA232, students must purchase a textbook.

•    MA102:  Tannenbaum, Excursions in Modern Mathematics, ISBN 9780134468372
•    MA232:  Moore, Basic Practice of Statistics, ISBN 9781464142536

Copies of these books can run anywhere from about $65 for digital access to upwards of $200 for new hardbound copies. (Used copies and rental options run cheaper.)

For MA005, MA095, and MA107, students are required to purchase access to MyMathLab (Pearson), the platform students in those courses will use to do all homework, quizzes, and tests. Students should purchase a MyMathLab Course Compass Standalone Code (ISBN 9780321757371). Students will receive the proper course ID from their professor into which they should enroll. Once enrolled, the student will have access to an electronic copy of their textbook, as well as all assignments for their respective course. The cost of the MyMathLab access code is about $130 through Pearson if purchased while enrolling in a MyMathLab course.

So "online" means "totally self-paced," right?

Not quite. While there is no set time of day students have to read lessons for their course, each online course has its own set of benchmarks and deadlines. Some deadlines are strict and others are looser. Students should consult with their professors and with postings on NUoodle to stay apprised of assignments and deadlines.

What if I need help in my course?

The first thing to do is to contact your instructor. Professors will have their direct contact information in their syllabus which will be posted in NUoodle and/or MyMathLab.

If you need additional help, you can make an appointment for online tutoring sessions with our Academic Achievement Center. There is a signup block in your NUoodle course and there are also instructions attached.

When is the last day to add or drop the course, or to withdraw from the course?

For MA102 and MA232, the last day to add or drop the course is Friday, June 1st and the last day to withdraw from the course is Monday, July 9th.