Learning Structured for Success

Structured for Success and Busy Schedules

"Want something done? Ask a busy person" - or so the saying goes. Are you a busy person and want to earn a degree or certificate? You've come to the right place.

We want to set up our students for success. That’s why we’ve designed our online graduate and continuing education programs to accommodate busy work schedules and lives.

Our programs are structured so that students take one course at a time, eliminating the stress of juggling multiple course loads concurrently. This structure also promotes a more in-depth level of study and a higher level of information retention.

Relevant Courses, Immediate Application

All of our programs emphasize relevant and applicable curricula that students can immediately relate to their workplaces. Students often use their professional settings as the basis for projects and papers, applying concepts learned in class to analyze and improve the processes in place at their organizations. Case studies are woven into coursework to help students better understand how academic theories play out in diverse real-world situations.

A Convenient and Flexible Learning Experience

Norwich is committed to providing an exceptional education that is both relevant and attainable for busy working adults.

Key to this commitment is our dynamic online learning platform, which enables anytime-anywhere learning. Students can participate in courses without having to show up at a particular time or place, completing their weekly assignments and contributing to class discussions when it’s most convenient for them.

Resources Accessible Anytime

  • With our online learning platform you can:
    • Access the week's lessons and assignments
    • Read and reply to faculty posts
    • Participate in discussions with your class
    • Check your grades
    • Upload assignments
  • Extensive library resources including:
    • 100 online databases
    • 54,000 full-text electronic journals
    • Hundreds of thousands of e-books
  • *NEW* Graduate Writing Center to assist with writing through:
    • Access to alumni writing fellows
    • Writing tips and modules
    • Chat forums to discuss assignments
  • 24/7 technical support for the online classroom