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PyraMax Bank

PyraMax Bank was originally founded August 10, 1895, under the name of South Milwaukee Savings Bank. Then in May 2000 a merger between South Milwaukee Savings Bank and Mitchell Savings Bank officially formed PyraMax Bank. The new name emerged from the combination of wanting to retain the pyramid shaped logo from South Milwaukee Savings Bank, hence Pyra. Ensuring their clients that they would still receive the same maximized service, hence Max, that they always valued for 100 years. The name became evident as PyraMax. The pyramid had been chosen for its strength and stability as well as its symbol of age. They chose three layering pyramids, progressively getting larger as you move from left to right to symbolize positive growth, with each point representing Strength, Experience and Commitment! Norwich is pleased to offer PyraMax Bank employees and their families a 10% tuition discount and waived application fee for our master’s degree programs.