Partner Organizations

Prima Frutta Packing Company, Inc.

Hoping to provide his family with a better life, Alex Sambado sold his San Francisco grocery store in the 1940s to move his family to rural Linden, CA. He purchased a cherry and walnut orchard and never would have guessed that his bold move would change the lives of the Sambado family for generations to come. In the 1980s, Alex’s son, Lawrence, decided to make another daring move and reorganized the company his father founded to form Primavera Marketing, Inc. Lawrence partnered with Ross Westbrook, whose family had been in the wine and table grape business for three generations. Since then, Lawrence’s sons have joined the business and Primavera has established itself as a leader. Norwich is pleased to offer Prima Frutta Packing Company, Inc. employees and their families a 10% tuition discount and waived application fee for our master’s degree programs.