Partner Organizations

L.B. Foster Company

Today’s infrastructure is built on L.B. Foster’s legacy. For more than a century, their company has provided the materials necessary to construct and maintain major transportation, construction, utility, recreation and agriculture projects. L.B. Foster products have recently contributed to the improvement of many landmark structures including the Panama Canal, Brooklyn Bridge and New Orleans flood walls. L.B. Foster operates individual business units that specialize in rail, construction and tubular products. These groups manage manufacturing, distribution and sales facilities nationwide. They also function as a distributor and service provider in strategic alliances with industry leading manufacturing and engineering firms. Their company maintains ongoing programs that enhance product quality, improve operational processes and assure employee safety. L.B. Foster is committed to providing superior products for their customers, an entrepreneurial climate for their employees and exceptional value for their stakeholders. Norwich is pleased to offer L. B. Foster Company employees and their families a 10% tuition discount and waived application fee for our master's degree programs.