Virginia Military Institute

Two Friendly Competitors Join Forces

It would not overstate the case to say that Norwich University and Virginia Military Institute (VMI) are friendly rivals.

Both schools compete for talented young men and women to join their undergraduate body and prepare them for the challenge, leadership, and responsibility of the battlefield, boardroom, or both.

You might even hear one of VMI’s undergraduates referring to Norwich as the "VMI of the North" or our undergraduates refer to VMI as "the Norwich of the South."  Let’s face it: both schools have a national reputation for producing some of the most capable leaders anywhere, and both schools like to win.

In April of 2012, our Dean, Bill Clements, traveled to Virginia to meet with R. Wane Schneiter, PhD, PE, VMI deputy superintendent for academics and dean of the faculty, and sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies and VMI. The MOU afforded VMI alumni and ROTC instructors a 10% tuition discount and application fee waiver, with the goal of strengthening the ties between the two institutions and improving access to graduate degree programs.  

While this may seem surprising, it isn’t to anyone who really knows Norwich or VMI. As much as VMI and Norwich may be “friendly rivals,” they both value teamwork and cooperation. Further, they both share a goal of educating the next generation of leaders to be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.  

"I’m very pleased to partner with VMI to make our top online master’s programs available at a reduced cost. Our instructors are always impressed with the undergraduate preparation and quality of VMI alumni," said Bill Clements, PhD, vice president and dean of the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies.

Since the launch of the online degree programs, 16 VMI graduates have obtained a master’s degree from Norwich University. With the partnership between the two institutions, obtaining a graduate degree has become more affordable, and possible, for VMI alumni and ROTC instructors.