Alumni Testimonials

Tera King

, Class of 2013
The things that I learned and the people that I have met have opened the doors to a world that is much bigger and more interesting than I could have imagined.
Tera King, Class of 2013

Q: “Tell us a bit about yourself as a person, Tera.”
A: “I live in Lewiston, Idaho. I am married with no children. I come from a very rural community in central Idaho and am well-supported by my husband as well as family, friends, and co-workers. My husband and I own a residential construction company, Crown General Construction. My hobbies are snowmobiling, ATVs, and riding horses.

Q: “What is your current employer? Briefly describe your professional life.”
A: “Northwest Management, Inc., a natural resource consulting firm. I am a forester and project manager. I work at all levels from individual land owner to local governments to public agencies on planning for and solving natural resource issues such as forest health and wild-land fire protection.”

Q: “What was your motivation for pursuing your degree?”
A: “I wanted to add depth to my BS degree that is somewhat uncharacteristic in the natural resources industry. Not only will it help me assist in guiding Northwest Management through a transitional period, an MBA will be beneficial to many of my clients and my own aspirations.”

Q: “How did you choose Norwich University?”
A: “I learned about Norwich through online searches. It seemed to have a strong curriculum as well as a learning platform that would fit my work schedule. I ended up choosing Norwich because it had a comparable cost and all of the instructors had real experience in the private sector. Also, my admissions advisor was fantastic.”

Q: “What makes Norwich unique?”
A: “I liked the fact that Norwich also had a traditional campus and a long history as a great academic institution. I was attracted to the fact that the residency portion was required because it lent legitimacy to the program that some online degrees lack.”

Q: “Please describe any memorable experiences during your Norwich experience.”
A: “The first few classes were difficult – not only the material, but getting back into the school mode. The friendships forged in those first few months remained very strong even after splitting up for the concentration courses. It has been amazing to share this whole experience with such great and diverse personalities.”

Q: “How have you grown personally or professionally as a result of your education?”
A: “I feel that I have grown both personally and professionally as a result of the MBA program. The things that I learned and the people that I have met have opened the doors to a world that is much bigger and more interesting than I could have imagined. From a professional standpoint, I have come from an environment almost totally focused on science and the natural world, so nearly every concept we’ve explored in the MBA program has been new information and is completely different from my undergraduate work.”

Q: “Have you put your knowledge to work immediately at your job?”
A: My company is in a state of transition to a more mature business model, thus we are formalizing our strategic plan and preparing for the succession in our leadership structure. Additionally, we were recently approached with an acquisition offer that would have changed our core values significantly.