Alumni Testimonials

Mohammed Nusair

, Class of 2012
Because of what I learned in the civil engineering program, I can now make recommendations to the plant decision-makers about upgrades in treatment plants that require high budgets and difficult decisions.
Mohammed Nusair, Class of 2012

Q:  “Mohammed, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your interests.”
A:  “I am married with two girls, 3 and almost 10 years old. I’m a nature lover and I enjoying playing with my daughters.  These days I am busy with school! I enjoy soccer, basketball, and recently softball and baseball since my daughter plays.”

Q:  “Tell us about your career and current employer.”
A:  “I work for the West County Wastewater District in Sonoma County, California, as a Senior Waste Water Treatment Operator. I ensure that the treatment process of the wastewater process is in compliance with regulation Title 123.

Q:  “Why did you choose Norwich and how did you learn about it?”
A:  “I started with searching around and comparing Tier 1 schools that had a program I wanted in my field of interest, were flexible and online. Norwich came up in the searches and I asked more about it and came to the decision.”

Q:  “What aspects of your Norwich experience will you carry most strongly?”
A: “The knowledge and skills I’m getting out of it. With peers and instructors, I know more people and am expanding my circle of friends and experts around me. I was not expecting that the program would be so up to date with everything--technology-wise and relevant current affairs. GIS and wastewater and water treatment classes were up to date in their books. Certain schools do not revisit their classes but Norwich does. The up-to -date stuff that we’re dealing with in the field I experienced at Norwich.

Q: "Tell me about any memorable experiences with faculty members of members of your cohort."
A: Residency has been a great experience to meet all of my cohorts. Speaking with people on the phone has been great and every class was an opportunity to talk to faculty.  And, they would ask us about our expectations and ask for feedback, and I felt like our comments and opinions are valuable. My experience with all of the faculty members has been flexible and helpful.

Q:  “Do you have any examples of putting your knowledge to work in your career?”
A:   “On the job we can point things out, but upgrades in treatment plants require high budgets and difficult decisions, so I can now make recommendations to the plant decision-makers. We are going through a master plan now and we are going to try and implement some upgrades that we’ve proposed.”

Q:  “How have you grown personally as a result of your education?”
A:  “A lot. I believe that I have self-discipline and can do more and stay on track.  If I want to finish something on time I will. Thanks to going back to school I’ve regained that skill.”

Q:  “How has Norwich, and the experience here on campus, impacted your life?”
A:   “I love this place…I wish I could have attended on campus! I love the environment and the campus. I was not expecting it to be as beautiful as it is.”