Alumni Testimonials

Loren Miller

, Class of 2013
With the knowledge and experience gained with a diplomacy degree, I can further my professional relationships with persons from host nations and foreign military partners abroad.
Loren Miller, Class of 2013

Q: “Tell us about you as a person, Loren.”
A: “I grew up in Michigan and I now reside in Texas with my family. I attended Michigan State University and consider myself a huge Spartan fan! I met my wife, Michelle, two weeks after we graduated in 2007 and five years later to the exact day we met, she gave birth to our baby girl, Macy Kate. We live in Abilene, Texas, and I am currently stationed at Dyess AFB. I fly the C-130J and I would say that flying is my passion. I absolutely love it. Some people don’t love west Texas, but we have met some of our greatest friends there and I know we will be friends with them for life. I love football and all sports in general. I play softball, soccer, golf and football with my squadron each year.”

Q: “Describe your professional life.”
A: “I have C-130J Pilot (Tactical Airdrop and Airlift) Combat experience ranging from combat airdrop of sustainment supplies to forward operating bases to embassy support airlift to night-vision goggle troop re-supply in Iraq and Afghanistan into austere locations. While at my home station, I work as a squadron training officer, where I manage all squadron pilot’s and loadmaster’s academic proficiency events.”

Q: “What was your motivation for pursuing your degree?”
A: “My professional interests, aside from aviation, are international relations and diplomacy, which are evident in my choice of undergraduate discipline. I hope my career in the Air Force will take me overseas not only for my next flying assignment, but in future assignments as well. By pursuing the diplomacy master’s program, I can further my understanding of cultures and systems of government of the partner and host countries I work with in the Air Force. With the knowledge and experience gained with a diplomacy degree, I can further my professional relationships with persons from host nations and foreign military partners abroad. Also, a Master of Arts in Diplomacy from Norwich University will help demonstrate that I am serious about living overseas, for not only my next assignment, but for future assignments as well.”

Q: “How do you think this degree has prepared you for your future?”
A: “Ultimately, my future goal is to become the Air Force Foreign Liaison Officer to a country.  If my future leads to separating or retiring from the Air Force, then I plan on pursuing a career in the state department as a diplomat or foreign service officer.”

Q: “Why did you choose Norwich and how did you learn about it?”
A: “After several months of researching numerous other schools that offered online master's degree programs in the field of diplomacy and international relations, I selected Norwich University because it was highly recommended to me by several individuals close to me and I was very interested in the coursework. I reviewed the website and asked around about the courses and what areas the program focuses on. Also, my sister works in the state department and occasionally reviews applicants' resumes for jobs and she agrees with my decision of picking Norwich University's Master of Arts in Diplomacy program as it is competitive and very prestigious.” 

Q: “What makes Norwich unique?”
A: “Norwich has a great reputation; it is selective and it attracts intellectuals not only from the U.S., but abroad.”

Q: “Please describe any memorable experiences with faculty members or members of your cohort.”
A: “Residency week was it. I met the faculty in a professional setting and I was impressed by their professional knowledge and character. I now have a lasting connection with the university and I intend to build professional networks in the future as a Norwich alumnus.”

Q: “Anything else you would like to share with us about your Norwich experience?”
A: “Norwich Forever!”