Alumni Testimonials

Leo Waddle-Jones

Master of Science in Information Assurance
, Class of 2013
I learned to document and integrate my professional experience and use it as a focal point for my ongoing projects.
Leo Waddle-Jones, Class of 2013
Master of Science in Information Assurance

Q: “Tell us a bit about you as a person, Leo.”
A: “I am a married Army veteran with three sons. I live in Houston, Texas and my hobbies are reading and science fiction.”

Q: “What is your current employer and briefly describe your professional life.”
A: “I work for Dexa Systems as principal consultant for application, security and assessments. I have been in oil and gas, education and the health arenas for over 17 years and information security for 12 years.”

Q: “What was your motivation for pursuing your degree?”
A: “My motivation was to enhance my career by formalizing my professional certifications and expand my information security and assurance experience.”

Q: “Why did you choose Norwich and how did you learn about it?”
A: “I learned about Norwich after researching the various information assurance programs. I was impressed with the university’s legacy and the program’s strong ethical foundation, global perspective and a curriculum that balanced theoretical knowledge and real-world experience.”

Q: “What do you find unique about Norwich?”
A: “As the nation’s first private military school and as an ROTC graduate, I was honored to be selected to attend.”

Q: “How have you grown personally or professionally as a result of your education?”
A: “I learned to document and integrate my personal and professional experience and use it as a focal point for my ongoing projects.”

Q: “What aspects of your Norwich experience will you carry most strongly with you?”
A: “I will carry with me the spirit and helpfulness of the instructors. They took a personal interest in my success and were willing to set aside additional time to talk with me about any concerns or issues.”

Q:  “Is there anything else you wish to share about how Norwich has impacted your life?”
A: “It has enhanced my career. The residency is a great experience to meet those people and have face-to-face time on a beautiful campus.”