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Julio-Ceasar Basso

, Class of
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Each student that I have met here at Norwich, whether undergraduate or graduate, has a sense of purpose and prides themselves in becoming greater than they can be.
Julio-Ceasar Basso, Class of
International Conflict Management

Q: “Tell us about yourself.”
A: "One of the founding principles of Norwich University is the importance of service to the nation, to give back to your community. This importance of service is a tradition in my family as well. My family immigrated from Italy in the mid-1800’s and has been serving in the Armed Forces since the American Civil War. That is service in every conflict, campaign, branch, era, and echelon. All of which is a combined service of over 200 years. If you were to meet a Basso in uniform today, there is a 90% chance they are related to one of the eight brothers who came from a small town in Northern Italy that dreamt of starting anew. I to carry on this tradition to this day, for I owe my success to my country, and the ideals to which inspired me to dream to become a greater person of character. My friends also have a sense of dedication to service, for most Norwich Grads do. As per my hobbies and interests, I spend my free time helping my community to include feeding my fellow man, building houses, and teaching the youth."

Q: “Tell us about your professional experience.”
A: "It is often said to me at times that “if there was a guy to be known as the most interesting man in the world, you might be close to it." Though often in jest, it is because I have had a lot of interesting jobs. I will only list a few favorites such as, I was a radio host at a small local radio station in San Diego, CA; to which my favorite interview was with Mr. Stan Lee in his Los Angeles studio. I also worked as an investigative journalist for a European newspaper, and as a photo journalist covering international sporting events such as the World Cup and iconic events such as San Diego Comic-Con. My favorite civilian job thus far has been working for the City of Las Vegas as a translator. I currently speak 8 foreign languages and will continue to learn more. My current occupation is as a military officer in the United States Army."

Q: "What was your motivation for pursuing your degree?"
A: "In searching for a degree that would be my first graduate degree, I wanted it to be something special, and something that reflects my interest in helping others. A degree in Diplomacy with a concentration in International Conflict Management seemed like a right fit. For the essence of diplomacy in of its self, is the essence of communication between one or many people(s) to which seek to find a common ground. I wish to help carry on this principle in everyone I meet, and in my dedicated service to my nation and community. Whether I serve in the Armed Forces, in federal service, or in public office; the principles behind this degree will help shape the world to which I desire to make a better place, one day at a time."

Q: “Why did you choose Norwich?”
A: "I learned about Norwich University based on word of mouth through family members. I choose Norwich as an undergraduate student because of the name and reputation of such a fine institution. I still remember day-dreaming as a kid, picturing myself in Cadet Blues. Norwich was actually the first university acceptance letter that I received in high school, among many others, but the first none-the-less. The first time around I had to choose between Norwich and another Senior Military College. Each had its own merits and greatness to it, and I elected to attend the other institution at the time due to circumstance.

Life has a strange way of bringing you back to where you really belong, for after attending a Junior Military College and commissioning into the US Army from there, I returned to finish my education here at Norwich University as a Civilian student. The experience and education here left a long-lasting impact for years to come. It was so good, I gave it a third chance, and returned for graduate school. What made it unique to me is that it is a long-lasting family to which also carries on my own family’s tradition of service to the nation, the Citizen Soldier. Each student that I have met here at Norwich, whether undergraduate or graduate, has a sense of purpose and prides themselves in becoming greater than they can be. Success is contagious, and Norwich students embody that success. That is why I came back to my Norwich home."

Q: “Did you have any reservations with choosing an online program?”
A: "At first yes, I did have some reservations, for this a common fallacy that if you attend an online school the education you receive through this platform is not as prestigious or rigorous as say a traditional in-person education. Yet, I know Norwich, had some of my best experiences here, and I have to tell you it’s the real deal. It is a real brick and mortar school, founded as the first private military college in 1819. Generals went here, world leaders, business professionals, athletes, and scientists have attended this institution, and if it was good enough for them, it was more than good enough for me! The long nights I had at Norwich tackling classwork/assignments that I had as an undergraduate student was more than present as a graduate student here. But it was all worth it. The ability to study and work during my very busy schedule was the deciding factor to pursue my masters online from Norwich University. As a soldier, to be able to do your duties, whether in the field, garrison, or any location at any given time, an online program was the best decision I could make to make my educational goals come true."

Q: "How have you grown personally and/or professionally since completing your degree with Norwich?"
A: "The education that I received at Norwich University carries on to everything I do. The principles with my diplomacy program has helped me in my interaction with foreign militaries and visiting dignitaries. It helped solidify an ever-growing foundation for future success not only in my time in service but for future years to come with my goals of public service and public office."