Alumni Testimonials

Eric Karis

Master of Civil Engineering
, Class of 2019
Eric Karis, Portrait
Norwich provides the tool to get a great education. It was really up to me to commit and get it done.
Eric Karis, Class of 2019
Master of Civil Engineering

Q: “Tell us about yourself: your family, friends, and interests/ hobbies.”
A: “I am married to Margaret Regelski and we celebrated 24 years of marriage. We have four daughters Isabelle (20), Rebecca (16), Alyssa (12), and Jessica (10). My interest is shooting, working out, amateur photography and, finally, nerding it out with my daughters watching Marvel and Star Wars movies while seeing who can eat their Ben and Jerry’s pint of ice cream the fastest.”

Q: “Please describe, briefly, your professional experience and current employment.”
A: “In circa 2016, I had made a decision to retire from active duty by 2018 from the U.S. Army. I was evaluating what I wanted to do after my military career. I had my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and my engineer intern licenses, as well as a desire to leverage my military experience and my education to enter into the construction industry.

There were two problems I had to address to meet my post military career goals. The first problem, I believe I needed to refresh my education and get up to speed on engineering and construction practices. The second problem, as I was still on active duty, I needed to enroll in a program that I could still manage work, family, and academics. In addressing these two problems, I felt an online master’s degree program was my best option.”

Q: “Why did you choose Norwich, how did you learn about the university? What makes Norwich unique? What made Norwich’s master’s program stand out?”

A: “I choose Norwich because I was making a pretty big transition retiring from the Army after 22 years. I started my military career from Norwich University, and I was familiar with the high academic standards and commitment to students from my previous experience.

After doing some research on other online programs I felt Norwich University could address my unique needs which began prior to entering the program. The Norwich University civil engineering admission staff stands out to me because of the importance it placed on the interview and placement. Diane Bond was my counselor and we had exchanged multiple emails and had at least two phone calls to get me enrolled in the program that I was best prepared for to succeed. Taking that time at the beginning made all the difference in making the decision to attend Norwich University and my future success.”

Q: “How have you grown personally or professionally since completing your coursework and degree?”

A: “I have grown professionally in that I made a successful transition from military life to civilian. I believe I took a pretty big risk in change career paths from a field of intelligence to civil engineering. I believe not having the master’s education would have made that transition much more difficult.

I put my knowledge to work immediately during job interviews I had with my prospective employers.I was able to use the knowledge I gained in the Contracting and Law and Project Management seminars to apply key concepts to questions asked of me. In fact, it is in those two classes I continue to refer back to in my current job duties."

Q: “What aspects of your Norwich experience will you carry most strongly with you?"
A: “I think it is the confidence to get after it and do it. I was not certain how things would end up for me. However, I could be a passenger watching everything go by me or take some action. Norwich provides the tool to get a great education. It was really up to me to commit and get it done."