Alumni Testimonials

Danielle Somma

Master of Civil Engineering
, Class of 2019
Danielle Somma, portrait
I have been able to utilize what I have learned from my coursework to apply to both my civilian and military careers.
Danielle Somma, Class of 2019
Master of Civil Engineering

Q: “Tell us about yourself, your family, and your professional experience.”

A: “I was born and raised in Maine where I currently live with my wife and three dogs. I enjoy being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.
I currently work for Appledore Marine Engineering, which is a small consulting firm specializing in waterfront engineering. I have been working in the field of Marine Engineering for a little over ten years. I am a registered professional engineer as well as a certified commercial diver. Additionally, I am an engineer officer in the Maine Army National Guard where I have served for 9 years.”

Q: “Why did you choose Norwich, how did you learn about the university?

A: “I pursued a master’s degree primarily for self-development purposes as I wanted to further my education and increase my knowledge within structural engineering. I decided to go to Norwich because a coworker of mine had completed his degree through the online program and I was looking for something that would fit well with my very demanding civilian and military career.

I liked the military history of the school, but the online program is what interested me the most. What made Norwich’s master’s program stand out is the flexibility of the online program.”

Q: “What were some of your expectations for an online degree program with Norwich?”

A: “I didn’t know what to expect when beginning my online degree program. However, I quickly realized that it takes a lot of discipline, compared to a traditional degree program, as you must do a lot of self-study to fully comprehend the material. The professors were great to work with and very knowledgeable. The program was accommodating, and I really enjoyed doing my program online versus traditional as I felt like I obtained more knowledge since I was actively engaged throughout my courses.”

Q: “Please tell us about a time(s) in which you could put your knowledge gained in the classroom to work immediately at your job.”

A: “I have benefited the most from the Prestressed design coursework as it was my first class on the subject. I have been able to use the MathCAD worksheets I created for my homework assignments at my current job as well as applying the prestressed knowledge I gained to evaluating existing structures.

I have been able to utilize what I have learned from my coursework to apply to both my civilian and military careers. It has also improved my structural design capabilities.”

Q: “What was/has been the best part about Residency?”

A: “It was nice to have a culminating event on Norwich’s beautiful campus, especially since the program is nearly all online, it allows for you to meet your fellow classmates and professors. You already put in all the hard work to get to where you are, so enjoy the time you will have meeting everyone.”