Alumni Testimonials

William Aschnewitz

Master of Science in Information Assurance
, Class of 2014
Cyber security is a major force that affects companies, governments, and just about the entire world. I wanted a degree that could enhance my knowledge of cyber security as well as set myself apart from my numerous peers and other professionals in the industry.
William Aschnewitz, Class of 2014
Master of Science in Information Assurance

Q: “Tell us a bit about you, William.”
A: “I currently live in Seoul, Korea and have a wife and 18-month-old little girl. I often spend my time visiting my Korean grandmother, uncles, and numerous cousins around the Korean peninsula. My current interests and hobbies include staying up on trending events in the cyber security world, running, snowboarding, and flying remote-controlled aircraft.”

Q: “What is your current employer and briefly describe your professional life.”
A:  “I am currently a technical sergeant in the Air Force and serve as an information assurance officer for the Defense Media Activity at Yongsan Army Garrison in Seoul, Korea. I work in a joint organization with Korean civilians, Korean military, U.S. federal employees and all branches of the U.S. military. I spend the majority of my day administering the organization’s intrusion prevention system and vulnerability management systems. Additionally, I oversee the organization’s information assurance program and ensure everyone is knowledgeable of current security vulnerabilities and how to operate safely while on any computer system.”

Q: “What was your motivation for pursuing your degree?”
A: “Cyber security is a major force that affects companies, governments and just about the entire world. I wanted a degree that could enhance my knowledge of cyber security as well as set myself apart from my numerous peers and other professionals in the industry.”

Q: “Why did you choose Norwich and how did you learn about it?”
A:  “Norwich’s information security and assurance master's program is ranked as a leading school by the Department of Homeland Security and NSA. Additionally, the school is military friendly and has an excellent reputation among the academia world. I learned about Norwich University from a U.S. News report.”

Q: “What do you feel makes Norwich unique?”
A:  “One aspect that makes Norwich unique is that it is a conventional ‘brick-and-mortar’ school that has an entirely online graduate program. The programs are ranked among the best in the nation and are nationally and regionally accredited. This put Norwich University at the top of my list when I was initially looking for a program to apply for.”

Q: “Please describe any memorable experiences with faculty members or members of your cohort.”
A:  “The most memorable experiences include the highly informational online discussions with other professionals in the industry. I read and learned about real issues and solutions affecting the federal and civilian sectors. The residency and graduation was my favorite experience as I was able to personally meet the students and professors who I grew to know and communicate with for the last 18 months. Overall, the residency was an eye-opening event.”

Q: “How have you grown personally or professionally as a result of your education?”
A:  “I have grown both personally and professionally while completing this program. Personally, I have had to learn how to better manage my time and how to juggle work, a wife, and an infant child with my own school requirements. Professionally, I have gained major insight into the world of information assurance and current events affecting the military and civilian industries. I am able to provide professional assistance with my organization’s IA program and with current and future network configuration changes and upgrades. Because of this program and my accomplishments while at Norwich, my opinions are more meaningful to my superiors and directly affect the direction of the organization in regard to network upgrades.”

Q: “Please tell us any examples where you were able to put your knowledge to work immediately at your job.”
A: “While in the program, I completed an assignment on IA awareness within the organization. My IT chief reviewed the document and requested that I apply the same concepts and briefings toward the organization’s IA program, which was mostly non-existent at the time. Currently, the IA program is running strong and the overall level of knowledge for common IA security practices has increased dramatically across the organization.”

Q: “What aspects of your Norwich experience will you carry most strongly with you?”
A:  “Two things that will benefit me for the rest of my professional life are how to communicate with executive leadership and all the references that I have acquired from the master's program on the various different IA subjects.”

Q: “Anything else you would like to tell us about your experiences at Norwich?”
A:  “I am absolutely satisfied with my decision to attend Norwich and have been recommending the school to anyone interested in a graduate degree. One major benefit of the program has been the ability to network with both the federal and civilian sectors of IA and cyber security, as well as the professors that are themselves professionals in the industry.”