Alumni Testimonials

Christine Bet

, Class of 2012
The concepts I learned from my project management classes in the MBA program allowed me to apply organized planning to missions (real-life) that the Army faces frequently.
Christine Bet, Class of 2012

Q:  “Tell us about you as a person and your background.”
A:  “I left the service this April after serving 6 ½ years. The Army offered me many opportunities to develop my leadership skills and grow as a person. The most significant thing about my time there was meeting my husband Adam in Alaska, shortly after flight school.

Q:  “Where do you work now, and briefly describe your professional life?”
A:  “I recently left the service as an Army Aviator flying Blackhawk helicopters. I am a new employee of Gulfstream Aerospace in Savannah, GA.”

Q:  “What was your motivation for pursuing your degree?”
A:  “I always wanted to pursue my master’s degree but with my active-duty lifestyle, it was difficult to find a school that could work with me. My husband, Adam, was a student at Norwich and described how well the school worked with the military. I finally decided there never would be a ‘right time’ and applied to Norwich shortly thereafter.”

Q:  “What makes Norwich unique?”
A:  “What I found unique about the Norwich online MBA was the one-week Residency requirement. No other school I considered offered this type of opportunity to visit the actual campus and meet your fellow students and professors.”

Q:   “What aspects of the Norwich Experience will you carry most strongly with you?”
A:    “Being able to work with the same group of people in my classes and then meet them face to face at the conclusion of the program was an amazing and unique experience.”

Q:  “Do you have any examples of applying your learning immediately?”
A:  “For my Independent Research project I had to select a project to manage and plan. I chose to plan my deployment of my husband’s company to Afghanistan. The concepts I learned from my PM classes allowed me to apply organized planning to missions (real-life) that the Army faces frequently.”

Q:  “How have you grown personally as a result of your education?”
A:  “This program has helped increase my confidence in leading projects because it has provided me the tools to be successful. My planning processes are defined and more organized now that I have knowledge of their actual terms.”