Alumni Testimonials

Annabelle Ridge

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership
, Class of 2012
So the cool thing about the program is really that it’s been learning about the theories about leadership. Think about it as the groundwork, a framework for what any leader would apply but when it becomes a reality is when the nuances of that theory become applicable.
Annabelle Ridge, Class of 2012
Master of Science in Organizational Leadership
Organizational Leadership

"And so when thinking about organizational change, when we look at it from a theoretical perspective, it sounds so good and so easy, but really the class and the work through the class is how do I then apply that to organizational changes that I am having in the role that I have at the company."

"Doing those things in parallel, the theory and the applicability, has really helped to understand why I might take one path versus another or why I might look at a different structure than I might have been thinking about."