Vanita Varma

Vanita Varma is an adjunct professor at Norwich University. In addition, she works as a consultant in organizational strategy and leadership development. Her key focus is to enable leaders of non-profit organizations to build their capacity through innovative and well-planned strategies, while continuing to build strong relationships with diverse teams and stakeholders. Her areas of expertise also include initiating and successfully managing change initiatives, such as re-alignment of programs, business planning, leadership transition, and mergers and acquisitions. Her career has included more than two decades of organizational development work as a consultant, program manager, and director at locations around the world. Through this experience, she has become proficient in developing and building effective communication strategies between multi-cultural, diverse and dynamic teams. She holds a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Norwich University, a master’s degree in economics, and professional certifications in counseling, mediation and executive leadership development. Vanita is currently working on her PhD at the University of Toronto.