Narain Batra

Dr. Narain Batra is a course developer and senior instructor in the diplomacy and international program at the Graduate College, Norwich University. His field of academic and professional expertise includes communications, social media, misinformation, diplomacy, geopolitics, South Asia, the Indo-Pacific, and most of all, the First Amendment. He is the author of several books including India In A New Key: Nehru to Modi; The First Freedoms and America’s Culture of Innovation: The Constitutional Foundations of the Aspirational Society; Digital Freedom: How Much Can You Handle?; A Self-Renewing Society; and The Hour of Television. For more than a decade he wrote a weekly column for The Statesman about American politics, culture, and technology. He has been a contributing writer for The Times of India, Business Standard, The Diplomatist, The Daily Guardian,  LA Reveu De L’Inde, and several other newspapers.  He was the editor & publisher of a monthly magazine People’s Times (Ahmedabad, India).

Dr. Batra publishes the Freedom&Geopolitics newsletter and podcast about media, culture, politics, technology, and America's global role.

Yoga, meditation, and golf keep him going and going.