Jevon Thompson

Jevon Thompson is an adjunct faculty member for Norwich University’s online Bachelor of Criminal Justice. He works in the education and training division at the University of Maryland Baltimore Police Force. He received a crime prevention through environmental design professional designation (CPD) from the national institute of crime prevention. His disciplines include project development, DHS/FEMA based threat and risk assessment, hazard identification, mitigation planning, policy review, statistical analysis, and critical asset protection. He performed institutional security assessments in higher education and partnered with the University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security participating in critical asset analysis. Additionally, he has presented crime prevention concepts on a $305.4 million school of medicine research building project and collaborated with environmental health and safety practitioners on state and federal regulatory processes. Outside of teaching and training, he published multiple articles in prominent law enforcement magazines including 9-1-1 Magazine and Law Officer magazine. He holds a master's degree in public administration degree from Norwich University and a BS in Christian Life and Ministry from Lancaster Bible College.