Gamze Menali

Gamze Menali teaches in the Master of Arts in International Relations program. She finds the application of mathematical models and theories to advance critical infrastructure protection in homeland security particularly fascinating. Gamze taps into her mathematical background as necessary, while helping participants learn about the interdependencies, complexities, and intricacies of critical infrastructure systems, and how to provide the best possible protection for the critical infrastructure and key resources of the Nation.

After nearly twenty years in the field of scientific research and education, she earned a Master of Arts in Diplomacy from Norwich University with a concentration in International Conflict Management. Norwich proved to be a strong bridge between these two spheres - physical and political sciences. Some of her other research interests, beyond Homeland Security, are: countering violent extremism; international human rights; advancing the causes of democracy; world security and peace through education of individual nations; importance of skilful negotiation in resolving the world’s most challenging issues; policy analysis. The focus of one of her research papers, entitled Turkey’s Kurdish Question – Featuring an Overview of Broader Implications of Turkey’s Policy Decisions for U.S. Foreign Policy in the Region, was on the Kurdish conflict in Turkey with the intent to examine the fabric of the Turkish-Kurdish conflict; identify some of the relevant issues and outside elements factoring in; and elaborate on what has been achieved and what still remains to be done for a long-lasting solution to the conflict.

As a proud Norwich graduate herself, Gamze has served as the president of Sigma Iota Rho (Epsilon Delta Chapter at Norwich University) Honor Society for International Studies. Through her engagement in education, service, and other activities reflecting the mission of Sigma Iota Rho, she is devoted to the betterment of the world we live in. A native speaker of Turkish, Gamze is fluent in English and French (better written than spoken), and has a general understanding of Arabic language. As a member of the American Political Science Association, Gamze particularly enjoys engaging in the free exchange of ideas with colleagues and fellow academics throughout the US, as well as in Europe and the Middle East.

Sample Publications:

Omicron Ceti Light Curves (Astrophysical Monograph): 1838-2000; AAVSO, 2002, ISBN 1878174509

R Cygni Light Curves (Astrophysical Monograph): 1900-2000; AAVSO, 2002, ISBN 1878174517

Courses Taught:

IR531 National Security