Military Norwich University

Serving Those Who Serve

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Staff Dedicated to Your Success

At Norwich, we understand the dynamics of being both a student and a service member. That’s why we provide an extensive support system of staff members whose principle focus is to help you succeed academically, professionally, and personally.

Your Student Services Advisor - Your Advocate

Your first line of support is your student services advisor, who functions as your personal advocate for issues related to deployment, program requirements, course materials, university policies, and anything else that may impact your academic experience. If you are a military veteran, you have the added support of our experienced staff who will help you navigate the policies and resources specific to your military status.

Library Research and Resource Support

To help you succeed as an online learner, our dedicated distance-learning librarian and reference staff members provide research assistance via email, phone, and chat. Our staff can can give you access to books in print from our collection of over 140,000 titles and journal articles not available online to students through our material request services. If you have any technical questions or issues regarding your online program platform, you can reach out to our technical support staff members, who are available to help 24/7.

Additional Staff Working Together for You

Other key staff members include your enrollment advisor, who can guide you through all the up-front processes and details surrounding program admissions, credit transfers, VA certification, and financial aid. Once you begin your program, a program director and assistant director work behind the scenes to keep your curriculum relevant and ensure an optimal online classroom experience.