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Paying for Your Education

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Navigating the Education Benefit Process

Making sense of your education benefits as an active duty, reserve, or veteran member of the U.S. military can be a daunting task. Determining your benefits eligibility from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) begins with visiting the VA website. Our admissions advisors are also here to provide resources and help guide you along the way.

Many Ways to Finance Your Education

Several financing options are available including federal loans, tuition assistance programs and veterans benefits such as the Montgomery GI Bill® and the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Military Scholarship for Master's Programs

A total of $1,200 in scholarship money is provided for those qualified in our online master’s programs. This equals a distribution per term and is applicable to tuition only. Active duty, National Guard, and Reserve personnel are eligible for the military scholarship for any one of the online master's degrees offered through Norwich University. The military scholarship is not transferable to dependents. This scholarship is not available to retired military personnel.

Continuous enrollment is not required to maintain eligibility; however, amounts used for partial courses shall not be reinstated. Please note that scholarships are not additive.

Military Scholarship for Bachelor's Programs

The following scholarships are awarded to current students at various amounts based on need and scholarship funding available for the year.

  • Brian R. Bill Memorial Scholarship: Awarded to select members of the Armed Forces who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis program.
  • Sergeants Three Scholarship: Awarded to select Special Ops soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis program.
  • De Oppresso Liber Scholarship: Awarded to enlisted warrant officer U.S. Army Special Ops soldiers in the career management field. Bachelor's and master's students are eligible.

Other Military Scholarships

Veterans Scholarships

Scholarships for veterans are available from a number of national organizations, as well as schools. Some groups focus on veterans with injury-related disabilities, while others are open to all veterans. They include:

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