Online Micro Certificates A steppingstone for advancing your career Add to your professional skill set with a one-week microcertificate Offering a Certificate of Attendance and 0.5 CEUs for each short-course completed, Norwich Pro's microcertificate offerings are each one week in length and are designed to provide knowledge into a specific area. Through the one-week courses, you can learn new skills, upskill your current abilities, or reskill into a related area. Learn More
A Microcertificate Can Help Enhance Your Skills

Offered 100% online to meet the demands of your schedule, Norwich Pro’s online certificates and courses bring sought-after knowledge from subject matter experts directly to you.

The microcertificates can be taken one at a time, or you can bundle a mix of four courses together to maximize your learnings.

Why a Micro Certifcate
  • Enhance your soft, professional and job-specific skills
  • Short courses that are completed in one week
  • Cost-effective at $175/course or $600 for a bundle of four courses
  • Earn 0.5 CEUs per course completed, as well as a Certificate of Attendance
office team meeting Micro Certificate Programs Choose from our comprehensive portfolio in high-demand field - Coming Soon!

Skilling Microcertificates Learn new skills to help grow your career within your current field or a new one.
  • Introduction to Compliance Investigations: Laws & Regulations
  • Inspiring a Shared Vision & Challenging the Process
  • Developing Strategy and Assessing Risk
  • Project Initiation: Team Structure & Stakeholder Management
  • & more!

Upskilling Microcertificates Focused on helping you hone your current skills in your career.
  • Developing Strategy and Assessing Risk
  • Emotional Intelligence & Organizational Success
  • Intro to Design Thinking
  • Power & Politics
  • & more!

Reskilling Microcertificates Reskill your current capabilities into a related area and take the next step in your career.
  • Assessment & Measurement Tools
  • Compliance in the Organization
  • Confidentiality, Integrity & Communication - Organizational Communication as Disciplined Practice
  • Data Analysis: Visual Displays, Scorecards, and Dashboards
  • & more!

Featured Microcerificate: Arctic Circle Cold War Learn how the militarization of the Arctic Circle can alter the global balance and present new dangers. Explore the emerging issues that cover environmental changes, legal challenges, economic factors, territorial disputes, NATO concerns, and all the potential military conflicts that could arise from this vital region.
How They Work Immediately apply skills to your current career with a micro certifcate.
onlineflexible_military_1 100% Online Courses are delivered online, in a self-paced manner
dollar sign Affordable The programs are offered at an affordable rate so you can quickly apply new skills
lightbulb icon Relevant Courses Earn CEUs while you take courses to advance your skills
person presenting icon Taught by Experts Learn from industry leaders
Transition Your Skill Set “Being able to look at a project tied to revenue, stakeholders, and timeline, while being surrounded by people who weren't coming from a military perspective was invaluable for me. It not only helped me get better at the project manager role but also helped me transition my thinking from the military to the corporate world.” Zach Project Management Certificate
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