Interdisciplinary Studies FAQs

What is interdisciplinary studies?

Interdisciplinarity refers to the study of multiple fields. An online interdisciplinary studies degree is designed to give you knowledge from many different subjects and disciplines so that you can develop a customized experience applicable to your individual interests and goals.

What can you do with an interdisciplinary studies degree?

Norwich University's online Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) program gives you a rigorous and broadly based liberal arts education that emphasizes how knowledge is created, validated and used in major disciplinary areas, and how such knowledge can be synthesized and combined for creative problem solving and innovation in your professional and personal life. Thanks to this program’s highly customizable course content and generous concentration offerings, there is no limit to the types of organizations for which you may find yourself working.

Do I have to pick a concentration in the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies?

In Norwich University's online Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS), you can choose from one of three available concentrations in justice studies, leadership studies or strategic studies.

The Justice Studies concentration introduces you to the principles of criminal justice and the relationship between the police, the courts and corrections. You will explore concepts such as procedural due process, criminology and ethics in criminal justice.

The Leadership Studies concentration allows you to explore the fundamentals of leadership, help define leadership styles and study the ways in which leaders drive and manage change. You will pay strong attention to the impact of technology and media on leadership.

The Strategic Studies concentration focuses on issues of national security policy, the global intelligence community, international conflict and more. By choosing this concentration, you will closely follow current international events and learn how to discuss them analytically and objectively.

Can I move from one concentration to another after enrollment in the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies?

Yes, a change in concentration can occur. Please work with your academic advisor to arrange it.

What does a typical week look like as a student in the BIS program?

Norwich has developed online programs that provide a gateway, not a barrier, to maximize your career potential. Get to know a few graduates — with busy schedules — and learn how they made their education fit into their lives.

What’s an online degree at Norwich University like?

In the Norwich University online BIS program, you'll learn in a flexible virtual classroom that allows you to access program content and contribute to class discussions anywhere and anytime. You will also interact frequently with peers and knowledgeable program faculty.

What are the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies faculty like?

Norwich faculty members embody the spirit of thinking and doing that has always informed Norwich’s academic model. Combining extensive academic and research credentials with career experience in the subjects they teach, our faculty members bring vast knowledge and real-world insight into the virtual classroom. They include nationally renowned subject matter experts, published authors and researchers, high-ranking retired military officers and accomplished professionals in various industries and sectors.

What type of support is available?

Upon enrollment, every Norwich student (including online students) gains access to an incredible network of people whose primary job is to help — from our student services advisers to our dedicated distance learning librarian and technical support team.