Master of Arts in Diplomacy

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  • Coursework completed in 18 months
  • Classes capped at 15 students
  • Personalized support

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Monday, June 4, 2018
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Monday, May 14, 2018

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A completed application includes the following:

  • Application form
  • Resume
  • Official transcript of your undergraduate degree from a regionally or nationally accredited university
  • Letter of intent
  • Letter of recommendation from a professional or academic contact
  • Fulfillment of any additional program-specific requirements

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Problem Solving on an International Scale

In today’s complex world, broad knowledge and specialized skills are required to build cooperation, defuse tension, and promote peace between and among nations, groups, and other entities. Norwich University’s Master of Arts in Diplomacy program equips students with that essential knowledge and skill set, preparing them for a wide range of meaningful careers in international relations and related fields.

Our diplomacy program attracts passionate students from diverse professional backgrounds including the military, law enforcement, government, business, journalism, and the non-profit sector. Our curriculum explores international relations from a macro and micro perspective, beginning with a foundational examination of the political, cultural, and geographical complexity of the international environment. Students then apply their holistic understanding of global affairs to develop focused knowledge in one of four concentrations in international terrorism, international conflict management, international commerce, or cyber diplomacy.

Our students benefit from the expertise of our stellar faculty members, among whom are renowned counterterrorism experts, regional experts, and several retired military officers, as well as the varied work experiences and perspectives of their fellow classmates.

Last but not least, a master’s degree in diplomacy from Norwich University carries weight. Our proud history as the nation’s first private military college and a long standing, unparalleled commitment to public service set our diplomacy program apart in academia and our graduates apart in the professional world.

The Norwich Advantage

  • With four concentrations to choose from and the opportunity to pursue a thesis track, you can customize your diplomacy program studies based on your personal interests and career goals.
  • Small class sizes and students from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds enable in-depth discussions and cultivate multifaceted perspectives.
  • You will learn from and be mentored by exceptional faculty members, all of whom hold terminal degrees in their fields.
  • You will leave the program with essential skills such as the ability to analyze and synthesize complex information and to derive supportable conclusions from opposing sources - skills that are relevant to a variety of jobs.
  • You will develop a robust portfolio of research papers that you can leverage within your organization or submit as work samples to prospective employers.
  • Through our flexible online platform, you can access program content and contribute to class discussions on your own schedule and at your own pace each week. Four start dates per year (March, June, September, and December) allow you to engage with the program when it’s most convenient for you.
  • Norwich’s long standing commitment to military education and public service sets our diplomacy program - and your diplomacy degree - apart.

Career Preparation

Whether you want to advance your diplomacy career or acquire the theoretical background and skills necessary for advancement within private industry, the military, or the non-profit sector, Norwich University’s Master of Arts in Diplomacy program can help you achieve your career goals. Our alumni work for a wide variety of organizations including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, The Associated Press, the FBI, General Motors, Varian Medical Systems, and the U.S. Navy. Three of our recent graduates were selected by the Presidential Management Fellows Program, a competitive federal internship program designed to draw outstanding students to federal service.

How to Get Started

We are here to help you achieve your goals. From information on how to apply to the Master of Arts in Diplomacy program to tips on how to manage your time, we will guide and support you throughout your Norwich experience.

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