Master of Arts in History

Career Opportunities for Master of Arts in History Graduates

Whether your goals are to sharpen writing and research skills, develop a nuanced perspective on the past or garner subject matter experience, numerous Norwich alumni have proven that the pursuit of an online master’s degree in history is a fruitful endeavor.

Our Master of Arts in History degree can help you reach a variety of roles related to the field of history. You can also apply your degree to other public history venues. If you are in the military, our online master’s degree in history program may help you advance within the military or transition to a new career.

As one of our graduates, you can pursue a variety of roles, including:

  • Archeologist
  • Archivist
  • Associate Editor
  • Curator
  • Digital Historian
  • Editor
  • Executive Director
  • Grant Writer
  • Historian Stratcom
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Legislative Staff
  • Librarian
  • Managing Editor
  • Modern And Con Art Historian
  • Museum Director
  • Research Historian
  • Researcher/Research Associate
  • Teacher
  • Technical writer

Our students bring experience from nearly every sector of public service, including*:

  • Federal Government (Military) - 10%
  • State/Local Government - 40%
  • For-profit Organization - 50%

What our graduates have to say:

  • 80% report a higher level of responsibility at work since graduation.*
  • 82% say they have acquired practical skills they were able to apply to their job.*
  • 92% would recommend our online program to someone they know.*

*Source: Norwich University Master of Arts in History Graduate Survey, fielded in February 2016; percentages are based on those who responded.