Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Career Opportunities Through Interdisciplinary Studies

Embarking on an entirely new career path or seeking opportunities for advancement in your current workplace can be daunting, but with the proper skills and preparation, nothing is out of your reach. Increasingly, employers are seeking candidates who not only fulfill requirements specific to the job, but who also possess the core skills that make the difference between an ordinary employee and an extraordinary asset. Through Norwich’s Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies online program, individuals who develop fluency in communication, problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking, and research and analysis may find themselves highly coveted on the open job market, and exceedingly qualified for greater responsibilities in their current roles.

Career Outcomes

Norwich’s online interdisciplinary studies program focuses on developing skills that are perpetually relevant, and universally admired by employers around the world. Thanks to the program’s highly customizable course content and generous concentration offerings, there is no limit to the types of organizations for which students may find themselves working.

Examples of Career Paths

  • Data Analyst
  • Executive Assistant
  • Federal Agent
  • Foreign Ambassador
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Military officer
  • Production Manager
  • Program Coordinator
  • Project Manager
  • Publisher
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Sociologist
  • Training and Development Specialist

Types of Employers

  • Consulting and research firms
  • Educational institutions and museums
  • Government agencies and contractors
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Publishing houses
  • Retail companies
  • Research Foundations
  • U.S. military