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Residency 2015!

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Congratulations to all of our 2015 graduates as we prepare for the annual residency conference on campus. We are busy at CGCS and all around campus preparing for the arrival of over 650 students and faculty next week for a residency conference filled with many wonderful academic and learning opportunities. I look forward to seeing all of you on campus and having a great time both in the sessions and various social events. Be sure to bring your old running shoes and join me at 0-dark hundred for the Dog River Run in a tradition that provides a taste of the Corps of Cadets experience during our time on campus.

Every year some part of residency is new and this year I am delighted that we are graduating our first students from our online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program. Congratulations to this inaugural class for all of the hard work and dedication needed to achieve an important goal!

A great line-up of panels, sessions, speakers and social activities has been prepared by our residency team and your faculty so please take some time before arriving to identify those activities within your program but also across programs that may be of personal interest or direct relevance to your work. One of the most powerful experiences of academic study is to have opportunities to “cross the lines” of other fields so be sure to engage fellow students and faculty in your program and other disciplines. The world’s problems are not organized neatly into disciplinary silos making it even more critical to bring many perspectives to the solution table. There will be time to do this in the schedule but we have also had some wonderful conversations in Partridge’s Pub at the end of the day!

I look forward to the Todd Lecture Series talk by LTG Mark Bowman, CIO of the U.S. Army and Norwich University graduate around the challenges we face in leading cyber security for our nation. The importance and relevance of cyber security in the military, business and private sector to our lives cannot be understated as evidenced by the multitude of breaches and other events that increasingly threaten our economy, safety and even health. I know you will enjoy this capstone event of the residency.

The week will be capped by our commencement ceremony on June 19 and what a wonderful way to end our time together as you set off on the next stage in your lives with a new degree in hand! Our commencement speaker this year is General Al Gray, former commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, who I am sure will leave you with ideas and inspiration as we celebrate your accomplishments.

Well, time to continue those many last minute preparations for residency and for those still on the path to hit the books. We’ll see you in a few short days. And remember ... what happens in Northfield stays in Northfield!