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Happy Thanksgiving!

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On behalf of the entire College of Graduate and Continuing Studies team let me offer sincere wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!  The holiday season officially starts this week although I began seeing holiday merchandise in stores the day after Halloween. This week also marks the conclusion of our fall master’s seminars so congratulations to our students and faculty for a successful fall experience and well deserved but short break. Congratulations to all of our students and faculty for continued success in your Norwich University programs with special congratulations to those who have finished degree requirements and will be awarded a degree in this winter. Thanks to all for a job well done!

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect upon that for which we are grateful and I hope you have the opportunity to do so with family and friends during the short holiday break. Our thoughts are also with those serving in the military or in other service that takes them away from family and friends for the holiday. We appreciate all you do for us every day.

For those of us in the North Country who haven’t been successful deer hunters this season the holiday provides one last chance to get out into the woods and work off those Thanksgiving calories! Rest assured that the resident deer population has little to be concerned about when I am in the woods; I believe after many years that I emit a natural warning signal that keeps them safely from my reach.  

I’ll be spending a few more hours this week on a tiny seat about 15 feet above the forest floor in my tree stand, which is by itself a major feat since I am not keen on heights. I will equally likely be hunkered down in my blind at ground level in more secure surroundings. Perhaps I’ll get a glimpse of the very large bull moose that ate one of my apple trees (he has a preference for Cortland) and showed up on the game camera looking quite guilty. Moose are not in season but it would be nice to see one as I have on several prior occasions. Spending time alone in the woods allows one to become good friends with an assortment of critters such as snow shoe hares, ruffed grouse, chickadees, woodpeckers and of course the noisy red squirrel. I’m just a visitor there and they remind me of that regularly!

I normally suggest that we get back to work and hit the books, but at least for the remainder of Thanksgiving week it’s time to relax! Happy Thanksgiving!