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Fall Highlights

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Updates from the Road

This week I met with some of our military partners and among the highlights of the week was attending the Joint Special Operations University graduation ceremony for Class 16 of the Joint Special Operations Forces Senior Enlisted Academy (JSOFSEA). Norwich has a strong relationship with JSOU as an education partner for our degree completion programs, which we extended during the visit. I had the pleasure of signing an amendment to our agreement with Dr. Brian Maher, President of JSOU (pictured with me above), under which senior NCOs will receive additional credit at Norwich for the work they are doing at JSOU. Congratulations to Class 16 and the JSOFSEA for their recent achievements.

News from the Hill

Fall has officially arrived with the start of a new academic semester and many new classes on campus and at the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies. As the nights get cooler and leaves begin to change, I fondly recall the sights and smells of the first day of school from my youth, which I particularly like to reminisce about this time of year. Of course times have changed the contemporary school from the old brick elementary school I attended in my neighborhood, but the “back to school” feeling returns annually at this time of year. Technologies we take for granted today were only the stuff of science fiction in the freshly waxed floors of my neighborhood elementary school over 50 years ago. Star Trek had yet to become a TV hit and “blue tooth” was what you got when eating unnaturally colored candy from the corner store. 

Congratulations to our newest students who have undertaken an important challenge with their degree program. For some, it’s their return to college after many years away from school. I hope you will always remember the excitement of embarking on the journey and that it will provide energy for your success. Keep those sparks of curiosity glowing during your time with us; we will challenge you at every turn to do so. On behalf of the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies, please accept our warm welcome to the Norwich family!

Congratulations are also in order for those students who have recently completed a seminar or a prerequisite program and will be moving ahead toward finishing their degree. Good work! This is not easy stuff but we know that persistence and hard work pays off. Graduation and residency are closer than they may seem in September, but I guarantee that time will pass quickly. Some great work is already underway to provide an enjoyable and productive experience at the 2015 Residency Conference next June. Stay tuned for more details about progress during the year.

Well, enough of my reminiscing about past school years and the start of our academic year; it’s time to pick up the books or mobile device of your choice and get back to work. Summer is officially over, so let’s all hit our favorite form of media and connectivity for our educational journey!