Accessibility Services & ADA Contact Information

Accessibility Services

Norwich University is committed to ensuring equal access to our programs and will provide reasonable accommodations pursuant to the Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973/Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Requesting Accommodation

To request an accommodation, please contact our ADA Representative in the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies:

Jennifer West
College of Graduate and Continuing Studies
Norwich University
158 Harmon Drive Northfield, VT 05663
Phone: 1-802-485-3306
Fax: 1-802-485-2533

When submitting your request, please provide appropriate documentation from a qualified medical provider. After reviewing the information, we will work to provide an appropriate accommodation. Appropriate accommodations are based on several factors that include:

  1. a conversation with the student,
  2. the medical documentation and any recommendations provided by medical professionals, and
  3. the nature of the course, program or activity the student is involved in.

Once a preliminary accommodation is created, it is then discussed with the student before it is implemented.

If you have any questions about receiving an accommodation, please contact our ADA Representative.

Appeal Process

Any student dissatisfied with the adjustments made to accommodate a disability will have the right to appeal. First, the student should contact the ADA Representative to attempt to resolve any issues. If, after working with the ADA Representative the student is still not satisfied, the student should follow the formal appeal process outlined in the University Catalog.