Public Administration

Graduate Certificate in Public Administration Leadership & Crisis Management

With this graduate certificate, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of management and leadership in public administration and how it ties in with an organization. This includes leadership roles in ethical decision-making and crisis management as well how leadership is percieved from both a subordinate and leadership perspective.

This certificate is comprised of two 11-week courses, totaling 12 graduate-level credits, and are completed entirely online. Upon successful completion of a certificate program, students wishing to enter into our Master of Public Administration program will be able to use the certificate courses toward the completion of their master’s degree.

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Dec. 5, 2022

November 7, 2022
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Foundations of Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making | AD576 | 6 credit hours
The first course explores and examines the major models of leadership from a theoretical, ethical, and practical perspective. Outcomes of the first course are a thorough understanding of leadership concepts and being able to apply them in their own leadership situations.

Public Leadership, Crisis Management, and Organizational Change | AD586 | 6 credit hours
In the second course, students will explore the role of leadership in public organizations by examining how leadership is intrinsically tied to the organization. The course also examines the role of leadership in crisis situations, including how decisions are made and implemented, how information is communicated in critical situations, how political leaders are held accountable for crisis situations, and how communities can be returned to a state of normalcy after a critical incident has occurred.