Organizational Leadership

Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership

This two course certificate explores strategic communication as a vital skill in today's demanding, fast-paced workplaces. Topics include identifying personal leadership styles, tendencies and preferences as a professional, and how to assimilate and apply information. Students practice skills at work and report experiences through their Leadership Development Portfolio (LDP), as well as learn from peers in classroom discussions.

The certificate program is comprised of two 11-week courses, totaling 12 graduate-level credits, and are completed entirely online. Upon successful completion of a certificate program, students wishing to enter into our Master of Science in Leadership program will be able to use the certificate courses toward the completion of their master’s degree.

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June 8, 2020

May 11, 2020
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Strategic Communication and Information Leadership | OL540 | 6 credit hours
Strategic communication is a vital skill in today's demanding, fast-paced, virtual or global workplaces. In this course, you will identify your personal leadership style, your tendencies and preferences as a professional, and how you assimilate and apply information. Experiential learning is a large component of this course.

Strategic Organizational Behavior | OL550 | 6 credit hours
This course focuses on strategic organizational behavior in organizations. You will learn about the importance of strategic alignment in order to enable effective organizational behavior. Systems thinking and organizational behavior provide a framework that you can use both to analyze and influence the behavior of individuals and groups within the organization. This broad-based course analyzes and applies various holistic strategic organizational behavior models in order to assist you in understanding the best ways to assess and impact the strategic alignment of organizations. You will also learn the importance of a leader’s ability to understand and use various organizational behavior and organizational strategy models.

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