Human Resource Leadership

Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Leadership

Through this two course certificate, students explore the past and present of human resources leadership to examine various leadership strategies utilized across varying types of organizations. Students will also uncover strategic results by examining the role of a leader and the various management systems to utilize in leveraging human capacity. Through the discussion and understanding of human resource leadership principles, you will gain the ability to help design, develop, and construct strategies at an executive level while concurrently helping employees grow and develop as individuals.

The certificate program is comprised of two 11-week courses, totaling 12 graduate-level credits, and are completed entirely online. Upon successful completion of a certificate program, students wishing to enter into our Master of Science in Leadership program will be able to use the certificate courses toward the completion of their master’s degree.

Human Resource Leadership | OL542 | 6 credit hours
This course addresses the history and evolution of human resources leadership, along with current trends and future needs regarding various leadership strategies that are utilized within a broad range of organizations. You will examine the impact that factors such as globalization, technology, and worker diversity have on achieving the work/life balance needs and capabilities required by organizations and individuals. You will also explore the role of the leader in developing a value-based organizational culture capable of achieving strategic goals and objectives.

Leveraging Human Capacity for Strategic Results | OL552 | 6 credit hours
This course will help you increase your knowledge of workforce development and retention strategies, through studying topics such as rewards and recognition, motivation and productivity, training and development, cultural awareness, and achieving customer excellence through teamwork and collaborative improvisation. Additionally, you will study how maximized utilization of human capital has become the centerpiece for success in an increasingly complex world, and how human resource leaders must confront ambitious goals while balancing a volatile economic market, environmental and legal risks, advancements in technology, and workforce needs that are all evolving at an increasingly rapid pace. You will also explore various measurement tools designed to help assess the efficiency and effectiveness of management systems employed and analyze methods for developing a blueprint for executing strategic objectives.

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