Organizational Subscription Service

null The Leadership & Change Institute subscription services provide just-in-time leadership development to organizations in a selection of week-long modules. Delivered online.

Module topics include, leadership fundamentals, strategic communication and information leadership, emotional intelligence and leadership, strategic organizational behavior, leading change, and strategic organizational leadership.

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Featured Subscription Pathway

Ethical and Resilient Leadership
Discover the importance and impact of ethical leadership. Evaluate the theory of resilient leadership.

Organizational Communication as Disciplined Practice
Delve into the meaning of mindfulness and integrity and how these qualities impact professional life and organizations. Synthesize these concepts and apply them to examples in the daily work environment. Demonstrate and practice mindful dialogue.

Leader Behavior and Emotional Control
Analyze how a leader's Emotional Intelligence impacts the performance outcomes of followers and other constituents in the organization. Explore scenarios where emotional control can create opportunities for more effective leadership. Conversely, assess instances where emotion has detracted from good leadership.

Learning, Perception, and Personality
Effectively identify common errors in perception to articulate the connection between perceptions, learning, and achieving a competitive advantage. Apply knowledge of personality, attitudes, intelligence, and emotion toward decision-making.

Committed Leadership and Effective Change
Develop acumen to make effective organizational change decisions by understanding the importance of guiding coalition. In part, effective change comes about not because one has an outstanding leader-hero, but through deliberate leadership team formation, trust building, and creation of common goals.

Coaching and Mentoring
Discover the role of a leader as a coach and a mentor and identify how both are applied within an organization. Explore lifelong learning and what constitutes a learning organization. Examine the value and purpose of succession planning as it relates to organization learning.

This is an asynchronous leadership development offering six one-week modules. The cost per employee to participate in the featured subscription pathway is $495.

Future Offerings

We are developing a portfolio of week-long modules that organizations can choose from to build a custom program for a group of employees to last 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or more. Additional course offerings will cover topics such as human resources leadership, public sector, government and military leadership, and leading change management consulting.