NU Leadership & Change Institute Directors

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    Stacie Morgan, Executive Director
    Dr. Stacie Morgan is the Executive Director of the Norwich University Leadership & Change Institute. Dr. Morgan is also the Director of the Norwich University Master of Science in Leadership and the Master of Science in Executive Leadership programs. An international strategy consultant, speaker, author, and columnist, she is the founder and president of the strategy consulting firm Balanced Management Inc. For over 30 years, she has worked with multinational corporations, small businesses, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and the U.S. military to help individuals and organizations lead change. She specializes in leadership development, future planning/strategic planning, scenario building, competitive value assessment, strategy war-gaming, and organizational development. She holds a doctoral degree in strategic management and leadership and a master’s degree in education focusing on organizational development and training.
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    Rex Marks, Associate Director
    Rex Marks is the Associate Director of Norwich University’s Leadership & Change Institute as well as the Acting Program Director and faculty member in Norwich’s Master of Science in Leadership and Master of Science in Executive Leadership programs. He specializes in leadership development and team building, problem solving, project/fiscal management, emergency management, and organizational development. He has over 30 years’ experience as an accomplished and professional law enforcement leader having served in municipalities at various ranks including Chief of Police. He holds a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and a Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in Disaster Management. He is currently completing his doctoral degree in Public Policy Administration with a concentration in Leadership, Community Sustainability, and Terrorism.
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    Toni Raftery, Technical Operations Director
    Toni Raftery is the Technical Operations Director for the Norwich University Leadership & Change Institute. Toni brings over 25 years of experience in publishing, distance education, project management, operations, web design, and online marketing to our virtual community. Toni holds a Master of Public Administration and is working on a Master of Business Administration with a Project Management Concentration.
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    Ashley Lopez, Project Manager
    Ashley Lopez is Project Manager for the Norwich University Leadership & Change Institute. Ashley applies her expertise in relationship building, critical thinking and win-win outcomes to the execution of all institute activity. She holds a Master’s in Education and is working on her Master of Business Administration.
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    Megan Liptak, Director of Logistics
    Megan Liptak is the Director of Logistics for the Norwich University Leadership & Change Institute. She is also the Residency Conference and Events Coordinator. She holds a Master of Arts in Military History. She expertly ties Norwich history and legacy of leadership through creative deliverables that brings life to the learning environment of institute events.
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    Renee Ancel, Tactical Integrator
    Renee Ancel is a tactical integrator for the institute as well as serving as International Coordinator for the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies. She brings a diverse background from working as a corporate lawyer, lobbyist, policy analyst, law and economic researcher, and project manager for outreach of Latinos and changing communities. Renee holds a law degree from Guatemala and is working towards growing the international student’s enrollments for the deployment of the institute’s mission.
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    Leadership Fellows
    Leadership Fellows work alongside our staff and faculty team to bring their expertise in military and organizational leadership to bear upon all institute endeavors.