About Us

emptyThe Norwich University Leadership & Change Institute (NU LCI) is a community of change leaders on a mission to reshape organizational thinking to shed light on potential blind-spots, and make a difference in your life, your organization, and your results.

The NU LCI has its roots in the university’s nearly 200-year legacy of developing leaders. The institute is a growing community of leadership practitioners and faculty who are passionate about what Norwich can do for you. We thrive on meeting challenges and achieving success with character, integrity, and distinction. Our alumni love the stimulation of our think-tank environment, which is the hallmark of our graduate degree leadership model and the reason they asked for a resource like the NU LCI.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Norwich University Leadership & Change Institute is to respond to the top alumni request: more Norwich Leadership presence in our changing world and greater opportunities to participate in our leadership endeavors. Understanding the difference our Norwich brand of leadership can make; our alumni have been asking for more offerings to hone their unique Norwich leadership skills and additional opportunities to share Norwich Leadership with the world. Norwich alumni and leaders in general, recognize that most of the challenges in organizations and the world are rooted in the human side of change. The NU LCI responds to these needs with expertise and experience that is grounded in our Master of Science in Leadership and Master of Science in Executive Leadership programs and methodology for teaching alternate ways of thinking about the leadership challenges of organizations today.

Why Leadership & Change?

Norwich University has a legacy of developing leaders. It is our belief that leadership isn’t a position, but a values-based way of life. This type of leadership is focused on leveraging human capacity to achieve strategic results.

What does this look like in the workplace? In organizations, capacity is the fully integrated offerings of body, mind and spirit in the execution of everyday work and challenging endeavors. Strategic results are clear and focused goals that support a shared vision to achieve a greater good. Together, they are the ultimate force multiplier for any organization in any industry in any part of the world. Leadership, however, takes each of us – individually and collectively – to a new place with each effort, which involves change. Getting anything done that is different, better, cheaper, faster, flexible, adaptive, innovative or entrepreneurial translates into change. This is each leader’s challenge. Effective leadership means leading change, not just managing it.

What is the foundation of leadership and change? People. While management is about processes, leadership is about the people who design and execute these processes. And what do people most often fear? Change. This fear of change makes leading hard. But you aren’t alone. The NU LCI offers an ever-expanding collective of critical thinkers and leading minds from all walks of life that thrive on living our Norwich values and bringing our values-based leadership to you.

Our Vision

The NU LCI is a model of leadership learning, a center of excellence, conceptualized as the meeting place of faculty, students, and alumni furthering the exploration of values-based leadership through research and application. For external partners, the NU LCI is a reliable source of actionable study that can be applied to help them meet tough leadership challenges through educational modules.

The NU LCI will be a Values-Based Leadership Center of Excellence, inspiring bold thoughts and courageous action to collaboratively meet the world’s toughest leadership challenges.

In keeping with this vision, students, alumni, faculty, employees, and organizations should expect to work collaboratively in a think-tank environment as they learn how to address the toughest organizational leadership challenges with character, integrity, and distinction. The NU LCI visualizes hosting and contributing to the conversation on what leadership looks like today and in the future.