Teaching and Learning Certificate

Teaching and Learning Certificate Curriculum

The Teaching and Learning Certificate program is a 12-credit program comprised of two 11-week courses of six credits each. You have the option of taking the courses on a non-credit basis. During your coursework, you will:

  • Develop your personal philosophy of teaching and learning
  • Present a learning experience
  • Create a course syllabus
  • Assemble a portfolio to help aid in your job search that includes a sample letter to a future employer, philosophy statement, and learning experience document

Weekly Topics

ED570 Teaching and Learning I
Week 1:    What Makes a Good Teacher?
Week 2:    The Face of the 21st-Century Classroom
Week 3:    How Do People Learn?
Week 4:    Building a Positive Learning Environment
Week 5:    Choosing Content
Week 6:    Identifying Learning Outcomes and Assessing Learning
Week 7:    Learning about Learning Strategies - I
Week 8:    Learning about Learning Strategies - II
Week 9:    Choosing and Using Media to Enhance Learning
Week 10:  Designing and Presenting a Learning Experience
Week 11:   Your Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

ED571 Teaching and Learning II
Week 1:    What Makes a Good Course - Design and Framing Factors to Consider
Week 2:    Designing for Student Motivation
Week 3:    The Components of an Effective Syllabus
Week 4:    Developing a Course Description, Learning Outcomes and Assessments
Week 5:    Choosing Effective Learning Strategies
Week 6:    Selecting Readings, Tools and Websites
Week 7:    The Importance of Policy (FERPA, grades, plagiarism, class participation, lateness, ADA)
Week 8:    The Ever-Changing Technology Landscape
Week 9:    Putting it Together - Your Course Syllabus
Week 10:  The Importance of Reflective Practice
Week 11:  Completing Your Portfolio