Teaching and Learning Certificate

Make an Impact

Are you looking to impact lives and fulfill a lifelong dream of teaching online, at a college, or educational program in your community?

Norwich University’s Certificate in Teaching and Learning can help turn your dreams into reality. By combining relevant theory with real-world experience, our certificate program can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the core areas of teaching, develop your own philosophy for teaching and training, and be able to instantly apply what you learn in the classroom to your career.

Norwich alumnus Luke Medvegy has done just that with his career in the United States Army. His journey is profiled below.

Mastering the Skills to Be a Teacher: An Alumnus Profile

With two Norwich programs under his belt (first the Master of Arts in Diplomacy, which was quickly followed up with the Teaching and Learning Certificate), Luke Medvegy has found a place to put his education into practice. Now an instructor and doctrine writer for the Army Logistics University's Ordinance Basic Officer Leader's Course, Medvegy says his Norwich education "increased both my depth and breadth of knowledge of world events. This is what I used on a daily basis in the classroom environment." It is not uncommon for many of Norwich’s graduate alumni to also pursue the Teaching and Learning Certificate, especially so soon after completing their master’s program. Like Medvegy and Norwich alumni before him, they often seek to apply their master’s degree and professional skills in teaching positions at various levels. For Medvegy, his Norwich journey took him from student to teacher while juggling his time and duties in the United States Army.

Learning to Teach

Medvegy first learned about Norwich University in 2003 when he was commissioned into the Army. There, he served with several members of the Norwich community, and when the time came to return to school for his master’s degree, he says he knew without a doubt that his "educational needs would be met by Norwich University." Stationed at the Army Logistics University at Fort Lee in Virginia, he had the time to begin studying; knowing that he would be headed to Saudi Arabia for his next posting, he enrolled in Norwich’s Master of Arts in Diplomacy program.

"I walked away with a sense of achievement and mission accomplishment," Medvegy says, recalling his experience with the diplomacy program. "It was tremendously rewarding." While attending the capstone residency experience as part of the diplomacy program, he was able to meet and network with his classmates and program faculty. Those interactions led Medvegy to pursue the Norwich Teaching and Learning Certificate. "I knew that I wanted to return to ALU (Army Logistics University) to teach lieutenants in the Basic Officer Leader Course,” he says. “The Teaching and Learning Certificate program provided me the opportunity to link diplomacy in the classroom in an effort to teach young lieutenants of today."

Joining the Ranks of Teacher

As an instructor at the Army Logistics University, Medvegy now administers professional leader development programs in logistics management and supervisory skills to Basic Officer Leader Course students. He is responsible for planning, developing, scheduling, and conducting tactical / multifunctional logistics training for many units including international officers, Department of the Army civilians, and National Guard personnel. He says the skills he developed from the Teaching and Learning Certificate program have equipped him for this multifaceted role.

“The  program prepared me on how to write lesson plans, facilitate/teach them, and how to evaluate students using Bloom's Taxonomy for higher learning in adult education,” Medvegy says. He also believes that the tools taught in the program can be applicable for teachers in a variety of fields, adding, “I would recommend this to any upcoming teacher looking to perfect their craft.”

As he moves forward in his career, Medvegy looks back at his time at Norwich, saying, “Norwich provided me the tools for my success. Now, the rest is up to me.”

Editor's Note: The Teaching and Learning Certificate is open to anyone who is interested in teaching at the post-secondary level or being a trainer in a corporate/community setting. Many alumni of Norwich's master's programs pursue this certificate for these very reasons.