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Norwich University offers a variety of online continuing education programs for both working adults who want to advance their careers and lifelong learners who want to explore subjects they’re passionate about.

Our certificate in teaching and learning is designed to help professionals in the education sector gain the credentials and skills necessary to help take the next step in their careers. We are proud partner with the American Public Works Association to host at Norwich University the New England Public Works Institute: a continuing education program for public works professionals. For information security professionals, we offer online continuing education that aims to help strengthen their skills for analyzing network security threats. In addition, the Institute for the Study of Culture and Language and Norwich University have created an online distance learning course that covers aspects of evaluating behavior and successful operating tactics in the human domain.

  • NU Online Viewpoint Blog
    This blog is intended to serve as a vehicle for informing, explaining and transforming ideas and methods in academia and industry from our faculty and staff to you.
  • Teaching and Learning
    Now that you're a subject matter expert, what's next? For many master's degree holders that just might be a Certificate in Teaching and Learning. Looking to pass on your knowledge? Look no further.
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment
    Do you want to better evaluate network threats? Enter our hands-on virtual lab environment to test different real-world scenarios and gain valuable skills to help you identify possible threats to your own network.